Happy February Birthdays & Celebrations Family!!

Happy February Birthdays & Celebrations Family!!

3Willie LymonMaternal Cousin
4Janiece ViveretteHusband Maternal Cousin
9Corene SturghillHusband Maternal Cousin
9Joe WingfieldMaternal Cousin
10Rebecca BibbsHusband Paternal Cousin
12Christine GreshamMaternal Cousin
12Xavier CarpenterHusband Paternal Cousin
13Briceson SmithPaternal Cousin
13Daisha BlackwellPaternal Cousin
13Caron & Tabitha Sloan 3 year anniversaryPaternal Cousins
16Mary SmylorHusband Paternal Cousin
21Vanessa CarterHusband Paternal Cousin
25Frank JonesFamily Member
25Reginald BerryHusband Paternal Cousin
27Tanesha "TT" SmithPaternal Cousin


  1. Hi Farrel just started a blog don't know I will go but anyway

    1. Congrats! Well if I can be of assistance let me know!


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