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Branching Out!!

This is an area that will publicize our businesses or creations either started by, created or led by our business members.

Barrett Hanson has a published a new book about Cohentown, in Wilkes County. Find out how to get your copy here!
For more information go to his site here:

Pearl Mattox has published a new book. You can get your copy of her new book "Persevere" at Amazon. com

Angela Lykebudda White Get Angela's newest work: Windows to my soul here:
Angela has published As the Budda flows (Vol.1)  You can purchase the book and read reviews located on Amazon in paperback or for your kindle. 

Lush and Verdant Company
Lush and Verdant Company has continued to expanding its line of products to what you find on our web site today. We are constantly working on new products so check our site for updates.The company's objective is to differentiate its products from those of its competitors by offeri…