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March Birthdays & Celebrations

March Birthdays & CelebrationsMarch Birthdays & Celebrations!

1st - Jason Ray 3rd - Bobby Young Jr. 6th - Daddy John Wilson Jr. 9th - Shanita Gibbs 10th - Alexis Trimble 15th - Ella Viverette         Mario & Chanda Shannon's wedding anniversary.         Jemal & Farrel Webb's wedding anniversary. 20th - Auntie Carolyn Thomas 24th- Tinika Wilson Pelt 26th - Winda Webb           Danny Eason           John Rasheed

14,000 and counting!

Surprise! We are up to more than 14,000 relatives on our family tree.  I guess anyone who really thinks about it will realize they have more than 14,000 people to which they are related. However, how many of those people have documented evidence, hmmmmm? Well, we do! Thanks to all of the people family and friends who have helped with stories, pictures, sharing their trees, and resources we are now up to more than 14,000 relatives.

Remember, we are always willing to add, edit and credit so get involved!