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Jake Wingfield of Rayle, Wilkes, Georgia ongoing tale about a man whose life and death can help unite us all.

Jake Wing(k)field was or is my great grand uncle. I say is because I believe the spirit never dies and thus he lives. In any case I have chosen to write this piece because it may prove to be beneficial to another person in search of their ancestry.

 Now let's get some particulars out of the way by answering some very basic questions.

When did I meet my great grand uncle? I didn't he died 40+ years before he was born. What kinds of stories led you to discover him?None, no one I knew at the time had even heard of him. What was his daily life like that gave you clues to what to research?Ummm, none, didn't even know the dude existed until I saw my great grandma on a census with him. Why in the world are we talking about him then?Ahhh, well finally something that I can answer positively. We are discussing Jake Wing(k)field because his life and death helped me to tell the stories of several other family members. I bumped into Jake on the census of 1900. He was living with my gr…