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DNA turns neighbors into relatives!

We are so excited! We have found more family in our own hometown! Recently, Jemal has taken a dna test for to trace back his portion of our tree, and we struck gold!!

While our results have previously have gotten us links to present day relatives, nice ones at that, the links have only gotten us as close to 4th- 6th cousins. Which is great but isn't the easiest place to trace our lineage due to the lack of records of people of color before 1870.

 However, our latest link has led to a second/third cousin.  Which if you know one of your parent's cousins or your cousin's children (its around the same thing). This discovery is especially exciting because we could most probably narrow our link down but he also had a tree with the surnames that gave us a better idea of how we were related.

The list gave us 2 names and one of them led to finding my mother in laws grandfather and his siblings. This is exciting news because my mother in law never got to meet her grand…