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Reba Wingfield

I thought right now would be the optimal time to write about my grandmother. Well to be honest I really don't have a choice, I am learning to always go with my gut, instincts, spirit. Therefore, here I am typing. Before I get started I want to say that it is my intention that publishing this information will lead someone to something better since this is the impact she has on me.

My earliest memory of my granny Reba "Blessy" Lockhart Wingfield is of her braiding my kitchen. For those of you not familiar with the phrase "braiding my kitchen" it is the term that describes the braiding of the small hairs at the nape of the neck. I learned the phrase earlier than she had stated it that moment but I do remember laughing about her mentioning it. I remember being in a long white t-shirt laying across her lap sometime before the age of 6 and being prepped for bed.

My grandmother, my mother's mother was a private person but she was also warm, caring and strong.