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Pye - Goolsby - Wingfield - Connection

Family Update:

In 2008, when I began my quest to find my family heritage. This research led to finding cousin MC Charles Goolsby of Grand Rapids, MI. Thanks Aunt Nan!

Mr.Goolsby did quite a bit of researching on his own and through oral history and paperwork he found out that we inherited the Goolsby name through the marriage of Sarah Pye & James Goolsby.

Through the use of family tree, oral history and well looks, lol. We have established that their son William Goolsby had several children with a former slave named Tyre / Tye.

Ancestry Ace Updates

1940 Census Index Update
The 1940 census index for Washington D.C. is complete and online. It is now fully searchable from's 1940 census database page. They are still working tirelessly to key, index and QA other locations and will release entire states as they are completed.

 For more information about how this process works you can visit their blog.

You may have heard about our new, soon to be released AncestryDNA test. From the overwhelming interest we’ve seen, it appears that our members are as excited as we are about our advancements with DNA technology. We’re getting very close to launching the new AncestryDNA, in limited quantity, with exclusive invitations to subscribers on the waiting list. So, stay tuned for an official announcement and make sure you’re on the list to get AncestryDNA by signing up And don’t forget to tell your family, friends and followers about it, it’s going to be a game changer. In the meantim…

Tree-Nouncements - May 2012

Tree-Nouncements - May 2012 Congratulations Alexis Trimble Class of 2012 Lithonia High School, Lithonia, GA (with honors)

Congratulations Jalan Webb Class of 2012 Smoke Rise Charter, Smoke Rise, GA (with honors) 
Now it's Jalan's turn. Help support Jalan in this year's 2012 Miss Pink Pastry Pageant! The pageant will be aired on the TLC Channel on "Party at Tifffany' s" this fall! Join #TeamJalan as she raises funds for the "Pink Prep" non-profit organization, created to build the self esteem of under priveliged inner-city girls. Any donation (even a penny) would be greatly appreciated and 100% goes to "Pink Prep". See details on the picture to easily donate online. Any $25 donation get a dozen FREE cupcakes from the Pink Pastry Parlor for your generosity. Deadline to sponsor and join #TeamJalan is June 1st! twitter: #jalanprincess
The Webb Family of Smoke Rise, Georgia were featured on HGTV's premiere episode of "The Elbow Room"…