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What's Shaking on our tree?

The Henry Bolton Project

So every time I interact with a family member from Wilkes it seems as if they know "A" Henry Bolton from Wilkes or Oglethorpe county.

Side Note: Wilkes and Oglethorpe county are counties in N.E. Georgia that are very close to each other.

When I began my own research I noticed that none of the Henry Bolton(s) were the exact Henry Bolton I was thinking they were. Each and every time the Henry was a different one. So I am beginning a project that I hope will help with the confusion.

There is a Henry Bolton born in Oglethorpe, Georgia born to Daniel and Rosa Bolton. He married Annie Stephens(on) and they had at least 3 children.


Excluded from this list are:

Henry L. Bolton born in 1937 and died in Atlanta, Georgia in 2011.

Henry L. Bolton born in 1938 in Statesboro, Georgia, deceased in 28 Nov 1998.

April Birthdays & Anniversaries !

April 4th - Joseph Wingfield
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April 16th - Sharon Starks " Niecy"
April 18th - Tiffany Starks
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Please note while all are not mentioned we do our best, and would be happy to have your family date to the list.

Tree - Nouncements!!! April 2012

Roman Webb is the 1st kindergartener at Smoke Rise Elementary to be invited to test for their gifted program.Kayla Shannon has been invited into the National Beta Society.Jasmine Harris has made the Tucker High School Cheerleading Team

Outstanding Limbs

Cousin Marcella Hughley saves her grandmothers' life! 
We are so proud of you!

AUDIO: Girl's Call Saves Grandmother:

derived from MYFOXATLANTA STAFF/myfoxatlanta ATLANTA - A 10-year-old Atlanta girl is credited with saving her grandmother. Marcella Hughley dialed 911 when she realized her grandmother was semi-conscious. Crews arrived to take care of the grandmother. Marcella's grandmother's sugar levels were extremely low. Had it not been for the girl’s quick- thinking, her grandmother could have gone into a diabetic coma. 

Ceasar Booker lived to be 129 years old!

While census 1870 and 1880 list him as born in 1815, 1810 respectively Ceasar's 1900 census gives his true age and origin of birth. Even so, Ceasar tends to get older every year. While it should be noted that often times census takers often used any means necessary of getting information from neighbors, guessers and in 1870 owners (being the most common reason for mistakes) Oral knowledge 19…

Hidden Branches

Question of the Day: What happened to.....

Wilkes, Georgia

Love Dubose born: 1878 of Pento, Georgia?Briney Dubose born : 1883 of Pento, Georgia?Rebecca Dubose, daughter of Lula Dubose/Lockhart of Wilkes,Georgia?Meriwether, Georgia

Myrtis Favors/Jones (Amy)  born:

Question of the Day: Who is Jerry Gresham of Rayle, Georgia?

Question of the Day:

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So according to the Viverette Reunion Booklet and some census records that Golean Viverette was not Alma Huddleston Viverette or Doc Viverette's daughter. Apparently, Golean was the daughter of Cardelle McCurdy Boler or Brown Williams. Now, Golean went on to marry and move to Illinois but whomever filled out her death certificate left a lot…