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Sapelo, Georgia

My mother recently told me about conversations she had where her beloved father told her about the Gullah & the Gee-chee people. While he also told her about our Cherokee heritage, she told me that he had many stories about  the Gee-Chee  people and their customs. While we are not so sure how we are related on that side. My mother's grandparents both are "from off the boat and so my mother and I have decided to begin the research there. Wish us Luck!


Approximately 115 people now reside on Sapelo, either permanently or temporarily, with the majority of them at Hog Hammock. That community still consists primarily of descendants of Thomas Spalding's slaves, and their diminishing numbers are a source of concern.Cornelia Walker Bailey, the most prominent spokesperson for the community, has long been a champion of preserving the rich West African heritage, from spiritual beliefs and folkways to the Geecheedialect once spoken by the island's African American resid…

I'm Black!!! Well Mostly, lol!

I'm Black:)!!!!, well mostly anyhow(90%+). Stay tuned for the other pieces. 

I know, I know it seems kind of obvious but I used DNA's test to determine my specific ethnic heritage, and am thrilled to share some NOT ALL of the results here. So if you are related to me or just curious here is a piece,( it updates daily of what it has determined.)
The Gambia to Equatorial Guinea & Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Gabon, Congo, and various other nations along Africa's west coast, from more to come. About Your Region
About Your Region

Your ethnicity indicates that you have ancestry from West Africa, an area that stretches along the continent's Atlantic coast from the desolate sands of the Sahara in Mauritania and Mali to the humid canopies of the central African rain forests in Gabon and Congo. Camel caravans once hauled rock salt from desert mines through the legendary city of …