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February Birthdays!

February Birthdays & Celebrations
February Birthdays & Celebrations!

1st - P. Maddox 4th - Janiece Viverette 9th - Corene Sturghill & Joe Wingfield 15th Theresa White 16th - Mary Smylor 19th - Tracey George 21st - Vanessa Carter Jordan 22nd - Patricia Wilson 25th - Frank Jones & Reginald Berry 27th T.T. Tanesha Smith 28th Jason Ray

Please excuse me for not including relations, I am so tired tonight!

More Branches: Family Blogs, Pages & Sites

Here is a page that references pages like this one that detail the lives, legacies of families related to ours. These are places that information can be found and shared. Happy Building!

Family WebsitesFamily Facebook PagesFamily BlogsThe Maddox of Maryland The Calloway's of Crawford County GeorgiaaThe Viverette FamilyClark FamilybThe Wingfield SocietyMattox Family Pagec