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Family Updates

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Lawd So busy.....

Well, as you may or may not know by now I am a paper feen! I love folders, files books etc. Due to this slight issue I am past my knees in paper work. However, I am very happy about this, this is so much fun, thank you Ancestors!

bI have recently found a number of new things. Which I will outline now but update later. Oh yes, newly found relatives are going to be at the bottom of this post.
NEWS BULLETINS Tax Digests are helpful for finding African-American males and some families year by year. . Luckily if you know the county you can trace it down to who they worked for, and possibly when they died.

Example: Found out that my 2nd great Grandfather "Seaborn Dubose" must have died in between 1895 and 1896, his wife Rodie shows up in 1896, which of course helps with the missing 1890 census. They have some online and on microfiche but after 1867 and up until the next century they have the actual books which are Much quicker and just neat. A guy in the Georgia Archives h…