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10 Things you should know about slavery

A special thank you goes out to cousin Rebecca Bibbs who linked this story on her fb page.

Our Older Elders

Our Oldest Living Relatives

Sorry, I couldn't think of a tree connection to name this, I was going with rings around the tree but then that got ugly, so anyway here it is.

This is a series I will continue to update. Please don't be offended if I forget your great grand etc, all you have to do is email me @, and I will update it. This is my way of reminding everyone to cherish people while they are here, and a way to help us all connect with each other just in case the our branches are a little hidden.

RelativeRelation Alberta Downer TownesAlberta Towns |brn: Wilkes County 1st cousin 1x removed of husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
| Born: February 14, 1910

Elbert Huddleston|brn: Newton, MS|

Husband Maternal Relation| Born: August 20, 1912

UPDATE: Passed away :January 2, 2015

Obituary: "Bullyman" Goolsby|brn: Wilkes, GA| My Maternal Relation

UPDATE: Passed away :January 31, 2014