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If your folks lived in Wilkes, I guess we just have to be related somehow.......

So once again, I am working out and researching family in Wilkes County Georgia and thanks to our wonderful families whether walking or "gliding" through our world found another connection to my Wingfield Cousin Luckie, who of course has set the "standard" for leading our family to constant and instant family connections. Her wonderful site can be found here at OurGeorgiaRoots. We are both as

1940 Census Coming Soon!

So excited!, The 1940 census will debut on April 2, 2012. Answers to new questions and mysteries to come!

March Birthdays & Anniversaries !!!

While there are a lot of  March Birthdays & Anniversaries, I can only touch a few for time sake, and of course if you have some you would like to add feel free to post in comments and it will be amended.

March 6th - John Wilson
March 10th - Alexis Trimble
March 15th - Mario & Chanda Shannon , Jemal and Farrel Webb
March 21st - Camri Wilborn
March 24th - P. Tinika Pelt
March 26th - John Rasheed
March 27th - Dujuan Houston