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Surname Explanation

A family member pointed out that while I have a certain large amount of Surnames very close family members may not see their name in the list

Getting Started...

Well I started my hunt for my ancestors when I was 8 years old. The problem was I also stopped that same year. My maternal grandmother suggested to me she had no idea who her father was and my paternal grandmother went only to her grandparents. It was only after my lovely husband Jemal Webb got me the gift of for Christmas that the passion I had no idea was this strong ignited. I used the census records and the information from my living relatives to find the family I knew only existed in theory. Once in ancestry I started to link up to other family trees especially on my husband's side that gave more detailed information. From there I went on google and researched surnames that weren't as popular  (to me at least) and found cousins and information galor! I still have a long way to go but I am determined and pleased to share the journey with you.

Blessings to Cousin Luckie, who not only inspired this blog but also helps to encourage me to find my answers. Also to …