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Our Family is on tv again!

Hi Everyone!

Well our family is at it again! Thanks to we have been able to make invaluable connections in regards to new family members, fun, love, and information.

One of our latest connections includes cousin Mary Clark and those extensions. She has been instrumental in providing our tree with lots of information, facts and images and to add to the list the Clark family will be featured on the show "It's a Family Reunion". 

Join us as we cheer our Clark branch on during the family reunion. To watch a preview of the upcoming show preview here.

January Birthdays & Celebrations

January Birthdays & Celebrations!

23Kaynen Webb-Smith, Garrie EsterOur nephew, Cousin Husband-Maternal4Cammari McDowell1st cousin 1x removed - Paternal56Lenny Dickey, Anita Smylor, Rhonda JonesHusband's Paternal Cousin, Husbands'Paternal Cousin, my paternal cousin78Chutney"Pooch"BurdenLike my brother, love you Pooch!!!!9Remus WebbHusband's Paternal Cousin, Husbands'Paternal Cousin, my paternal cousin1011Johnny Wilson IIIOur Baby Brother12