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Tanesha Smith graduates with a B.A. in Foresnsic Science

Congratulations to our baby cousin, she graduated today with a degree in forensic science AND she is a veteran. ‪#‎Beautyandbrains

So we are on a roll family! Today we identified uncle “Sic” ‘s picture!  [In the comments] Thanks to cousin Marcia I have had a lovely picture of Mrs. Lucille Jones Butler Hanson Favor’s (cousin Roy Hanson’s mom) with her beau for some time now. We are related several times over but that’s another story. Anyhow, after Marcia talked to Roy today I was able to confirm that I the “Zeke” Wingfield is indeed my very own great uncle “Sic” Wingfield. He is pictured below with his sister (my great grand mother) Mary Goolsby (mother of 2 Lunceford children) Wingfield.  The other siblings are Blanche “Lillian” Wingfield Lymon, Conzie Wingfield, Louis Wingfield, John Wingfield the infamous Jake Wingfield and possibly Jim Wingfeld, Jetty and Mary (Goolsby)’s children from Rayle, Wilkes, Georgia.