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Death Certificates Updated Weekly!

Our Family or at least the death's in our family will now be updated weekly! Feel free to download, view and share the information provided to us by our State, National archives and yours truly.

Here is the Site.

Full Obituary for Nate Waters

Full Obituary for Nate Waters
The 12 hours that Nate Waters lay on the apartment floor, unable to move, his cries so weak that nobody could hear, were the most frightening of his young life by far.

But from there it was only going to get scarier.

After the fight with his mother's boyfriend that left him in that state, the 19-year-old Tulsan soon learned that his spinal cord had been severed. He was paralyzed, likely for life.

Depressed and suicidal, Waters spent the next year in a hospital.

From there, he was moved into a nursing home. But it wasn't the dead end that it had first appeared to be.

With all that followed, Waters soon came to look at his circumstances and injury differently.

In helping him break free from the family cycle of poverty and crime that had undoubtedly been his destiny, it had, in fact, saved his life, he would say.

And for Waters, this new chance at life meant new purpose.

Nathaniel Sylvester "Nate" Waters, a volunteer, activist and advocate for the …