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Meeting Cousin Tracy 'ala Lopez

Jones from Meriwether, GA connection.

I was so happy to hear from Cousin Tracy today. She is Bubba's (Hiram Murphy) oldest daughter and let me say very sweet. We talked for a few moments and decided to meet in person on Wednesday when I meet cousin Edis and visit cousin Annette next week. I am very excited to meet some more relatives on this side. As the youngest of a divorced couple it wasn't often I was able to see & meet both sides fo my family. For one thing most were either younger or older than I. I am however determined to those whao are related to me.

Till we meet again!

Family Tree Updates:

October 19, 2010

I recieved this request on yesterday and am excited about what I could possibly offer. Details to come.

I have been researching the descendents of Wesley Boler and also the descendents of at least 2 of the slave families he had. I believe that Jesse Boler of the 1870 census next door to Wesley Boler was one of those families. Can you provide me with some information of the Jesse Boler family. I would appreciate it.
I am a board member of the Foundation for the Restoration and Preservation of Boler Inn. I believe that the black families that toiled on the farms and in the homes, maybe in the old Inn itself should be remembered. This is a project I have taken on myself for my own satisfaction, but I hope some day to share with the museum. Thank you for your attention.