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1st Annual Smith' Family Cousin Day!!!!

Greetings Smith grands, We are proud to announce our 1st annual Smith Family Cousin Day! As Smith is one of the most common names in genealogy we want to be specific as possible about who we are including in this invitation.

Date: 4/27/14Time: TBA Location: TBA

We are seeking to invite the great-grandchildren (spouses/partners) and their offspring (and so on) of the union of Gladys Jones and Jap Smith of Oglethorpe, Georgia.
So if you need a map or a more specific connection here ya go:
According to the organizers the grandchildren of this union are encouraged to inspire their children and descendants to attend.
If you have any questions about the event please feel free to email me

@ I will be certain to get them to the organizers asap.

March Birthdays & Celebrations

Merry March Birthday & Celebrations!!  Additions: March 26th: Marriage Anniversary of  Cornelious  & Vanessa Jordan
March 27th: Gertha Grier Wilson Birthday (deceased)
March 29th: Marriage Anniversary of Josh and Amy Brown