Georgia Archive Visit Update

So as apart of my personal ancestry challenge I went to the Georgia Archives last Friday to see what I could uncover about my family to help me find Jetty. As this is a trip I can't take often due to my odd work schedule I gathered all the materials I could use to fill in some gaps of my tree as a whole. These items included a list of death certificates, and tax records that could pertain to my tree.

As a result I have updated my death certificate log and you can access it below.

Updated Death Certificates

Tax Records Now accessible online

The next thing I learned was that the tax records are now accessible online! I was able to find a man who could be my  2nd great grand uncle Sam Ball and or Jim Waller. We weren't 100% sure that that was his name but according to the tax records it is at least a very close possibility. You can access them by going to and look for tax records. They are not indexed but if you are researching Wilkes county I am building a VERY haphazard index to locate your ancestors.

*Important to note that if the records are not there they may not have them even at the archives. **

Excerpts from The History of Wilkes County by Robert M. Willingham Jr.

While I have seen this book before, I looked at it with new eyes lately. You can view an overview here overview. However, if you are from or interested in Rayle Georgia I have some excerpts here that are helpful. Unfortunately the archives is not like a library and to purchase the book I have seen prices as high as $60.

I have loaded some of the excerpts particular to my family here.

* It also mentions Ceasar Booker the family member who was noted at living to be over 129 years old.**


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