Family Search Feature My Source Box

New FamilySearch Feature—My Source Box

FamilySearch now provides a new feature called My Source Box. This Source Box serves as a place to capture a record source and preserve it. Your source box contains the sources that you want to attach to your ancestors. It lets you reuse sources instead of retyping a source each time you need to use it.
If you have access to the Family Tree, you can find a record, add it to the source box, and then attach it to an ancestor on the Tree immediately or at a later date.
If you don’t have access to the tree, it can be a very useful way to bookmark or store records you find for later use. You won’t have to re-do searches to find and bring in sources you want to use to document an event.
To use the Source Box you must be signed into the FamilySearch system.Add a Source to the Source Box
The Source Box option is located in the upper-right of the a record page.
To add a source to the Source Box:
For more information: source


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