The 1st visit to Cousin Annette's house

I had a great time at Cousin Annette who is by the way my second cousin by way of my father. In other words her mother and my grandmother were sisters.What I love the most is not only is she sweet, has a good memory and beautiful but she is also a breast cancer survivor. She is totally ageless and offered a look into my family's past.

For instance I learned that my great-grandfather was quite the ladies' man once his children were grown and had children of their own. Pinkston (Favors) Jones, was widowed by my great grand mother Mary Hall Jones early on. I remember a picture of him with a suit and a handlebar mustache but beyond that my memory is spotty. ( I saw it when I was six or five).

 Anyhoo, I pulled his death certificate sometime ago and I noticed it was missing a lot of things. I was so geeked at the time however to find out who my great- great grands were though that I didn't even really see that as a biggie. I was even more distracted by the line that went down the middle.  ( I will put that up here soon). However, I now know why.. Great granddad was murdered. Apparently he was dating a white women and "they" burned him in the house. Details coming soon.


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